MOB: Ankles. Hamstrings. Hips. Shoulders.

WU: 10 partner wallballs. 400m medball run.

REVIEW: Partner wallballs.

C: In teams of 2:

1 mile medball run 20/14

200 wallballs

1 mile medball run 20/14

*Both team members run. You can switch who carries the medball at anytime. Never leave your wingman. You must carry the medball on your shoulder, with no outside assistance (like a shirt or a sack).

**You may perform the medballs as partner medballs, each toss to the wall counts as one, or you may do these singularly while the other partner rests. This is up to you and your strategy.

***Both partners use the same weighted medball. Males to 10′ target, females to 9′ target.

****Revel in the beauty of your achievement when you have completed this task. You should. You earned it. Enjoy it.

LII: Weight of choice.

LI: 1200m run/walks. 100 wallballs at weight of choice. Medball carry on the run/walk optional.

PWMOB: Full body rollout or 9:30 mobility class. 10:30 yoga is cancelled.


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