2014 Fall League Has Arrived!

It’s time! CTF’s inaugural Fall League has arrived! A few things before we kick this sucker off:

  • You’re all invited. Even if you did not join a Team, we need help judging and your fellow gym-mates are going to need your help getting through some tough little workouts.
  • Each Tuesday, a blog will post with “The Twist”. The post will list the workouts and the rules the competitors must follow on Thursday night. They will have no idea what’s coming and very little time to prepare.
  • CLASS TIMES ARE CHANGING ON THURSDAY STARTING THIS WEEK. There will be no Advanced Class. Group Classes will move from 6:30pm to 5pm. THERE WILL BE NO GROUP CLASS AT 6:30PM ON THURSDAY NIGHTS THROUGH SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER. Fall League Games will begin each Thursday night at 6:30pm.
  • Please come out and support these brave girls and guys. Bring some drinks, order some pizza from Doughboys, grab some wine from Pomodori, kick back and cheer your favorites on. It’s going to get good!

Meet Your Teams:

Figure It Out: Courtenay Casson, Mike Manesiotis, Luke Martin, Kim Stanziola

Power and Pace: Jeff Ford, Phil Stringer, Lindsay Martin, Christine Clark

Boots and Pants: Jason Todd, Sydney Wan, Megan Dorman, Stephanie Coppage

Bad News Bear Crawls: David Nussbaum, Matt Wilhite, Gretchen Mando, Liz Arnot

Beasts and Broads: Morgan Bass, Karla Williams, Brendan Reilley, Mary Mezera

OG’s: Kate Nolan, Robin Runkle, Cooper Cram, Mike Christensen

Knuckle Sandwich: Kiley Fusco, Tony Crosetto, Ashley Wester, Dan Condell


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