5 Simple Things You Can Do To Make Your Life Way Betterer

By Craig Hysell

We all complain now and then. (Yep, even me.)

Shit happens that doesn’t fit with our plan, the inconveniences mount and all of a sudden we busy ourselves being sad, angry, depressed or feeling sorry for ourselves.

If we are not careful, complaining, anger, sadness and self-pity can become trends, like Pet Rocks only heavier and not as cute.

pet rock

Suddenly, without really knowing how we did it, we have become a victim and the world is “out to get us”.

This is, of course, bullshit. The world doesn’t care about you. It is not diabolical or coddling, it just is.

Things happen. How we choose to perceive these “things” is what makes them good or bad.

Self awareness is the key to your success: if you realize it, you can improve it!

Here are 5 Simple Things You Can Do to Make Your Life Way Betterer:

1. Make Your Bed. This simple task sets the tone for the day. Making your bed defines you as a person of action who can bring order out of chaos. Don’t believe me? Try it for two weeks.

2. Write Down 3 Things You’re Grateful For Every Day. Start the day or end the day with this exercise. Don’t repeat the same things twice. How was your worst day your best day?

3. Live For Your Passion. Is what you love to do your purpose or your hobby? You will never be satisfied until sharing your passion becomes your purpose. This is very, very hard work that takes a ridiculous amount of self-discipline. Most people give up and settle. If you have given up, start again. Right now. (That way you didn’t “give up”, you just “took a break”. BOOM! See? Perspective!)

4. Use Your Strengths. I got this from Gary Vaynerchuck. You have a gift. Recognize it and use it. Take ten minutes with your five favorite people (that adds up to less than an hour of your life with five peeps you really, really, really like! This exercise should be easy!) and ask them, “What am I best at?” Listen. And then ask them, “What am I worst at?” Listen again. Let your strengths lead you.

5. Go First. Smile first. Hug first. Say I’m sorry first. Love first. Act first. Listen first. Make mistakes first. That’s what progress feels like. Waiting on “somebody or something else” puts you at Fate’s Mercy instead of Destiny’s Mastery. This is also hard. It takes being unafraid and building up immunity to criticism.

Be mindful of where you are stashing your “pet rocks” so that they do not weigh you down. Never complain without the intention of learning from the issue at hand (and improving it!!!). Your life isn’t up to anyone else but you.

You are only a victim if you choose to be. Hugs.

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