5 Ways To Create Higher Margins For Happiness

by Craig Hysell

In almost a decade of coaching, I have yet to see anyone “outrun” a bad foundation of values, principles or physical training.

Conversely, doing the hard work up front to consistently cultivate positive, disciplined habits seems to pay off incredibly over the long-term; and help the humans who put in the right work weather the toughest storms with the least amount of damage.

So, how do we stop looking for shortcuts and start looking for the right way to create the very best long-term investment in ourselves with the highest margins for happiness?

1. Replace ego with self-awareness. Far too often our expectation of “where we should be” gets in the way of the work we need to do to get there. Life is a game. Happiness is a meritocracy. Focus on controlling your mind for it is the only thing that you can control. Be 1000% responsible for every single thing you say, think, feel or do.

2. Hold high standards. What do you want the world to be? Then you must uphold these values and standards yourself. It is even more important to remember your values when you are having a bad day or feeling like “the victim”. Anybody can have high standards when life is easy. Keeping your standards high when things are difficult gives you strength and raises those around you up. Do not expect all people to conform to your world view. Instead listen with compassion, speak with empathy and practice tolerance.

3. Fail. If you are afraid to fail, you will never succeed. Failure is an illusion. If you have learned, you have won. This may take some time to process. Do not be afraid to put it all “out there” when it’s time. Don’t fall prey to putting it all “out there” every single time. Progress is the key to happiness.

4. Think long term. Immediate gratification is a child’s practice. Think of the things that have made you happiest in your life. Are your memories made up more of material things or of moments? What kind of challenges did you overcome to enjoy those things? Seek lifestyle choices, not quick fixes. Take time to be quiet and to think.

5. Have Fun. This does not mean every minute of every hour needs to be sunshine and rainbows. It doesn’t mean things won’t be long, hard and full of ups and downs. It DOES mean that everything is temporary, including your life, and to keep your sense of humor, your sensibility and your levity are paramount to living (and dying) content. Laugh, play, put your own oxygen mask on first and then seek to make everyone around you better.

Live with Conviction. Hugs.

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