6 Common Questions About CTF’s NEW Badass Beach Body Bootcamp

Conviction Training Facility is excited to announce its 2015 Badass Beach Body Bootcamp course! You can sign up here.

Get in shape for life on the beach!

This 6-week fat-blasting, body toning, confidence building program is designed around one thing: building the most exciting YOU possible for this summer!

You will work hard. You will have to get up early twice a week. You will be given workout “homework”, a diet routine and, because you will have FUN sticking with it, you WILL LOVE the new you staring back at you in just six weeks.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the Badass Beach Body Bootcamp Course. Don’t hesitate to email us with any others at info@convictiontraining.com


  1. Who is this course for? This program is designed for Novices, Never Done It Befores, Been Outta The Game For Awhiles and People Just Looking For Something Different. At CTF, we have trained thousands of people since 2010. Our practical experience, our ability to modify workouts to produce results and our track record for safety is unparalled. That said you must embrace this fact: you cannot achieve something above average if you only have an average mindset. If you do not enjoy sweating, if you do not have fun getting outside your comfort zone a little bit to learn all those amazing new things about yourself and if you think you can get to be a Badass without hard work, this is the wrong program for you. Do not sign up. We are accepting only 30 people this year.
  2. Why is it so early in the morning on Monday and Tuesday? For a majority of people in the world there is nothing going on in our lives between 5am and 6am. No work, no kids, no obligations. The only excuse you will have for not signing up to take this course is that you do not want to sacrifice a little bit of sleep in order to get what you want for an entire summer, maybe even a lifetime. That is nobody’s fault but yours. It’s 12 days of your life that you have to get up early and you will come to see very quickly… you will feel PHENOMENAL for the rest of the day.
  3. Will there be weights involved? Yes, there will be resistance training involved now and then but not always and “heavy” is relative. The program is structured to build each of our Badass Bootcampers up individually within the group setting. This is the magic, expertise, art and science in the program. Modifications will be structured and also be improvised if necessary.
  4. Do I need weights for the workout “homework”? No. All homework assignments will be bodyweight workouts only.
  5. How will I know what to eat? You will be given a 6 week nutritional plan listing every single meal you should eat.
  6. How is this “fun”? A sense of humor is vital to every practice. We incorporate one at CTF as well. To be honest, it’s like “Cheers” in here half the time. But when it’s time to focus on positivity, empowerment, motivation, the construction of an elite mindset and going to work physically, we get down to business. And then laugh some more afterward. If that sounds like you, you’re the right person for us.
  7. How do I sign up? Click here before the price increases.


If worrying about how you look is holding you back from having a great time with life, stop it. You deserve better than that. Choose to be a Badass.

Come in and unleash you inner Badass with CTF. Sign up now for the CTF Badass Beach Body Bootcamp! 

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