Aaron Angel

CF L1, Coach /Personal Trainer

  • CrossFit Certified Level 1 Trainer
  • Assistant Coach Hilton Head High Seahawk Wrestling Team
  • NAIA Collegiate Wrestler, Hannibal-LaGrange University
  • Firefighter, BTFD
  • CPR/AED Certified, American Red Cross

Email: aaron@convictiontraining.com

Coach Craig is fond of a Shaolin parable that goes something like this: When a young boy was brought to the Shaolin temple to learn to fight, the monks handed him a broom. His job was to sweep the fighting floor after each class, each day, every day. When he asked how long he would have to do this, the monks said nothing and walked away. Day in and day out the boy did as he was told. Months passed. Then a year. Then another. And another. The boy, now a young teenager, grew frustrated. He stopped trying to do a good job. He horsed around. He no longer cared about his duty. He grew defiant. Eventually he grew so angry, he proclaimed to the monks in a rage, “I did not come here to sweep, I came here to fight!” The monks looked at him sadly, “How can you learn to fight,” one of them said, “if you cannot even learn to sweep?”

The point being: the discipline of cleaning can teach you a great deal about the discipline of fighting. The discipline IS the art; it is where the answers lie.

Aaron cleaned the gym for almost a year before he was asked to join CFHH’s Trainer Prep program. He was fondly known as “The Intern”. During his time cleaning, he was allowed to ask Coach Craig one question per evening to pass the time as they cleaned. Slowly, Aaron learned many things about not just coaching, but life. This was important to Coach Craig due to Aaron’s youth. Aaron had to balance the impatience and intemperate nature of his age with the patience and the discipline of training as a competitor and becoming a trainer. Aaron’s collegiate wrestling background assisted him greatly as he pursued these things.

Aaron has a sharp eye for detail and can see human movement like no one else on the staff. His cues are spot on. His delivery is being polished daily as he grows more comfortable in his role as a coach. With confidence comes patience.

Currently Aaron is working daily at becoming a better trainer, better competitor and a better man. And with great approval from Coach Craig, he never hesitates to pick up a broom.

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