Are You Sinking into “The Training Vortex”?

By Craig Hysell

I’m talking to the banged up people out there today.

The ones with chronic discomfort in their knees, hips, backs or shoulders. The ones that find it hard to sleep. The ones who aren’t progressing in their training like they want to any more.

The wicked lost boys and girls out there who are even worse off than the aforementioned and actually regressing in their training.

If that’s you, I want you to know a few things.

1. Relax. You’re not alone and there are answers to your conundrum.

2. Nobody can help you unless you ask for help.

3. Unless you listen and apply to what I’m about to say, you’re going to eventually suffer a significant injury.

Here’s your answer. It’s simple and it’s the big one you don’t want to hear: You need to slow down and alter your training program.

The more a person feels banged up and the more they see their training slip backwards, the more they usually think they have to do in their training to save their progress.

This is the complete opposite of what must be done and only speeds up wear and tear!

Eventually the inevitable happens: You either reach the maximum your current potential allows and begin regressing in your training or you reach the maximum your current potential allows, press for adaptation in the wrong manner and get hurt.

Train hard, smarter.

This is one of the major reasons our Chisel option has been implemented in our training program at CTF.

The Chisel will re-boot your training physiologically (your body gets excited again as it fights to adapt and understand the new implements) and boost you psychologically (it’s fun to learn new shit) without you having to go elsewhere and it is still significantly challenging! (Ever do 5 Curtis P’s with 70# kettlebells?)

The benefits of KB training have been widely written about.

The science is slowly coming along as kettlebells (which have been used for centuries) gain popularity.

The exercises are numerous, fun and dynamic:

What we see on the CTF training floor (we will begin to record and accumulate data for you on in the future) is this:

– Alternating a heavy barbell session at CTF with a recovery Chisel session the next day can see jumps in strength and performance AND allow you to fully recover between training sessions.

– Rehabbing stiff or injured joints with light kettlebell or dumbbell work at high rep ranges will help you improve stamina and muscle tone while aiding in faster recovery times.

How is any of this not a good thing?

The Chisel option ain’t easier, it’s just different.

And it can help you avoid getting sucked into the blackhole Training Vortex that screams “more is better” and only results in “fuck, I have to go to the doctor.”

If you feel your training slipping, need help or have questions, come talk to me. That’s why I’m here.

Live with Conviction.

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