Are You Interested Or Are You Committed?

by Craig Hysell

If something interests you, you check it out. It gives you pause. Your curiosity drifts into consideration and maybe even play.

If you commit to something, you pledge yourself to it. Your commitment can be to a person, place or thing. Commitments can be long-term (marriage) or short-term (training for the competition coming up in 6 weeks).

As summer begins and the length of the days seem filled with more opportunities (and challenges) it can do you well to reflect on your “Why”: your purpose for your life.

What’s your perfect day? What do you want for your family, your career and your physical training? What will it take to make you happy? How has this changed since you thought of these things the last time?

Write your answers down. Reflect upon them.

And then ask yourself, are you interested in pursuing your desires or are you committed? Assess this without labeling your discoveries as “good” or “bad”.

Interests are play. Commitment is passion. Interests are easy. Commitment can be difficult. Both can lead to growth. Only one makes you show up daily, even when you don’t want to.

Live with Conviction.

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