Are You Ready To Get Your Great? It All Starts January, 2015.

Army… Family…,

In 2015, as I touched on at The Awards Party, we are challenging you to find your “Why?” Where are you now in your life? What’s your purpose? What are your principles? What drives you when things get hard? What’s your conviction?

(I implore you to sit down with pen and paper and answer those questions for yourself. The answers you find will be profoundly eye-opening. They were for me.)

CTF exists to educate and empower you to live the life of your dreams. This year, let’s be more bold than ever before. Let’s dare greatly together. Let’s let open-mindedness, patience, fun, discipline, empathy, consistency, support and love be the foundation on which we build the best year of our lives so far. Like any GREAT FAMILY should do.

Let’s have a motherfreakin’ blast this year! (Sorry… I get carried away sometimes!)

It all starts January 1!

  • Truth Serum, the world’s best hangover cure (developed by our pals at CFNE) comes to CTF on January 1 at 9am. Bloody Mary’s, mimosas and impromptu member “Best Chili” Cookoff Contest to follow.
  • On January 5, CTF’s next All In program begins. The program has been recently improved and is 2 participants for the price of 1 in January. Let the Newbies and Re-ups in your lives know they have no excuse anymore!
  • On January 6, our “Have At The Hometown Half” Palmetto Bluff half marathon prep will begin. (And I am going to step outside my comfort zone and sign up!) You can sign up here.
  • On January 10, TRIBE WARS- THE MOST EPIC FOOD AND FITNESS CHALLENGE WE HAVE EVER PRODUCED- BEGINS AT CTF!!! Keep tuned in for all the insane details!
  • Finally, on January 17- as several of our bold CTF brothers and sisters compete at War of the WODS-we are declaring the first ever MANIMAL DAY at CTF. Stay tuned brothers, this one’s for the men only.

And February winds whisper the return of one of the most epic community workouts we’ve ever done… do you know which one it will be?

Live with conviction. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Love you guys. -Coach Craig

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