Brothers… Do You Need A Manimal Day?

Men, this is a call to arms. And to beards if you are so inclined.

A call to feed the wolf and leave the bleeting pack of sheep behind. This is the beginning. This is for the men among us who are tired of talking and who live for action.

Are you frustrated by ridiculous dictatorships, the candy ass nature of a “cyber”-attacks, impotent internet banter and the lack of trust and sincerity that political correctness (instead of true empathy) creates?

Then Project Manimal is right up your alley. We can’t change things all at once, but we can be a signpost for hope, freedom, manhood and giving a fuck about holding onto virtues like self-reliance, self-mastery and selflessness.

Project Manimal comes to CTF this September. But, we can’t wait that long. The situation is dire. We need to start cultivating Manimalism now, before it’s too late.

So, welcome to the inaugural Manimal Day at CTF.

This is for men only. Feel free to bring bros outside of the Army family. Any man you feel that will benefit from Manimal Day is welcome. This is a day to welcome all Manimals, CTF or otherwise.

We are all brothers in this great struggle to define manhood in this next generation: How do we intertwine our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves while keeping our edge, our empathy and our enthusiasm for life? How do we remain steadfast and open-minded at the same time? How do we cultivate self-reliance in an age of sheep who are afraid to rock the boat? And how do we pass this down to our children and grandchildren so that freedom, strength and critical thought will not perish from the earth?

Manimal Day is the start.

When: January 24.

Who: Men. You must have testicles and be at least 16 years of age.

Fee: Complimentary.


  • 10:30am. Bullshit session and workout prep.
  • 10:45am. Organization and Visualization for the Inner Warrior
  • 10:50am. Workout. You have a choice. We will move in teams. Take on the grinding “300” Graduation Day Test (designed by Mark Twight for the actors and stunt crew of the movie 300… yes THAT 300) or pick “The Viking Sprint”: an epic sledgehammer slamfest designed to simulate a Viking invasion.
  • 11:45am. Bullshit session and stretch. Box Breathing Cool Down.
  • Noon. Bullshit session. Beer, Coffee and meat. Coffee, Beer and meat provided by CTF.
  • 12:45pm. Award for best beard as voted on by your peers.
  • 1pm. Bullshit session. Cage Raising. Re-arrange the CTF pull-up cage and lifting platforms using bare hands, power tools and teamwork.
  • 3pm: Break for naps
  • 7pm(ish): Go see the movie American Sniper
  • 9pm(ish): Beers and shenanigans to begin at TBD location

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