Coach’s Note: On Epicosity

by Craig Hysell

This weekend, up in the Blue Ridge Mountains, CFHH and the CFHH Endurance Team had an epic event. An unbelievable, unprecedented, unbeatable life experience that no amount of money can buy. For me, personally, this was the culmination of years of hard work and Coach Jeff Ford’s buy-in to what I believe.

What do I believe? I hold sacred this fact: With passion, work ethic and perseverance any obstacle can be met, any challenge can be undertaken, any goal can be achieved.

Most people have no idea what this means and dismiss it quickly. JFord knows. The 12 athletes (of all different ages) on the Endurance Team that went up to the Blue Ridge Relay, a 204 mile team relay run through the mountains, knows. Look at them when you see them this week, they will have a “glow” about them that will be hard to put a finger on.

In 2010, when I opened this gym, this is what I wanted. “Ordinary” people understanding that they could do extra-ordinary things. I have worked my ass for this. I have suffered in no small part for this. I have put my family through many hardships for this. I have heard many “experts” postulate on that which they have no real knowledge of in the effort to demean, denounce or negate (and now copy or steal) my pursuits.

I have always remained silent and continue only to work harder. I don’t need to say anything. I let my staff, my community, my athletes and all of our accomplishments speak for themselves. This is not bragging. Braggarts are weak-minded, simple. This is the realization that we are on the right path, the true path. That we study, we learn, we apply, we innovate. We lead. We work to create the unforgettable instead of just following it or wishing we were there.

All these things were confirmed by 12 people and a driver (thanks Dave!) up in the mountains this weekend. Twelve people of all ages and fitness levels but cut from the same cloth of passion, commitment and verve, coming together as one not to win, but to do something great, the difference of which only a few will understand. And fewer still will ever be able to duplicate.

What happened up there will never happen like that again for those 12 CFHH’rs. That is their memory and their accomplishment forever. Nobody can ever take it away. My goal is to create many more moments like that for any of you willing to go after, with all you have, what we offer. We will train you. We will open doors for you. We will teach you just as you will teach us. And, together, we will do what others will never consider or only consider impossible. If you were at the WOD for Ret, completed the Explosive Strength Development Program, ran the BRR, or took up the Whole Life Challenge in the last two weeks you know what I’m talking about. I salute you. Your participation and effort honors all that we do and work our asses off for here.

Thanks for believing, CFHH. Thanks for always working toward that next level. Here’s to the next 4 years. My, my, my, I wonder what they will bring…


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