Could May Be Even More aMAYzing at CTF? Yeahyah! Duh…

By Craig Hysell


If you haven’t heard, CTF is making this May, aMAYzing for you! 

Is it possible that things can be more aMAYzing than they already are? Of course it is. This is CTF! Impossibilities are merely stepping stones, Army!

Beginning on May 18, we can begin our first ever Week of the Benchmarks at CTF. These workouts have been carefully chosen to do three things:

1. Give you a clearer picture of your “why” and where you are at on your incredible journey.

2. Not to interfere with one another so that you can get achieve an optimal level of performance each day.

3. Give you one of the most kick ass weeks of your life!

So keep tuned in every night next week at 8pm to see what’s coming up the next day!


On Monday, May 25, we celebrate Memorial Day with CrossFit 843 on the beach. CTF will be closed. We all will meet down on the beach in front of the Tiki Hit for a 10am kickoff time. Martin Catalioto, owner of CF 843 has planned out a Partner Double Murph (BOOM!):
In teams of 2, teams can be mixed gender (and, yes, mixed gym of course!):
1 mile run together
200 KBS 53/35
400 pushups
600 squats
1 mile run together
*You may break up the movements any way you wish.
Scaling options and alternate KB weights will be provided.

On Saturday, May 23, as is tradition at CTF, we will be doing the full Murph as well. We will be doing one class only (ONE TEAM TOGETHER!) at 9am. Open gym will be available from 7am to 9am and 10:30am to 12pm on May 23. Donations to the Honor Our Heroes Foundation will be accepted.

Lastly, we’d like to offer you a better environment for education and empowerment in our group classes this summer. One where everybody is feeling like they are getting the coaching they have become accustomed to at this great gym!

CTF would like to put two coaches on in classes of 20 people or more this summer and cap our classes at 30 people per class.
We need your help to do this effectively.

Please get in the habit of reserving your spot in CTF’s group classes. This will do two things:
1. Always guarantee your spot in class should we hit our class participant cap
2. Allow us to plan ahead and make sure another coach is available to assist in the class for our larger class times.

This is super easy to do! Do it once or twice and you will get the hang of it quick.

Simply go to the schedule and reserve your spot. If you need help with your logins or passwords, email me personally ( and I will make sure you get sorted out.

If you start this today and work out the kinks before summer gets busy for you (as we know it does!), you will always have a great coaching/learning experience at class and you will never have to sit out your favorite time of day due to a max capacity class!

Love you guys. Hugs. -Craig

P.S. Don’t forget what’s coming in June…

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