CSR: Episode 009. Setbacks Happen. What are you gonna do about it?

Anytime you try something new, you risk failing. In fact, in all probability, you will fail. But can you fail forward? Because if you fail forward, you have learned. And if you learned, you have not failed.

Living your dream is a rocky, bumpy, unkempt road. It comes with knocks and bruises and hardships. Heck, just living (not EVEN living your dream!) can be like that.

How you navigate your own personal challenges can mean success or failure. Which means whether you succeed or fail is up to you. Here are some tools you can use to stay on point even when you’re getting knocked around.

Stay awesome out there.

Conviction Strong Radio is about creating balance across family, career and fitness.

The goal of CSR is to remain open-minded, tell stories and interview subject matter experts.

The focus is on giving you ways to improve your position or outlook on Life so that you may evolve into your most awesome and best self.

Remember, don’t text and drive! (Listen to this podcast and drive instead!)

Listen up, enjoy and give us feedback!

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