CSR. Episode 017. Jay Martinez. Making Your Coffee Superhuman

In this week’s Episode, we sit down with Jay Martinez: an old friend with a new way to look at coffee (what if it could focus you more AND slim you down?) and a GREAT way to look at life.

We also try our Live Facebook Feed for the first time on The Show…

The boys get amped on the new addition to their coffee, talk wayyyy faster and have some fun teasing out some very usable information from Jay on raising children (including hopeful Olympians), living your passion and “taking your coffee to eleven.”

To learn more about Jay’s coffee supplement, please go to: www.jayscoffeebiz.com or go to Facebook and search “Fit Family America” or email Jay at fitfamilyamerica@gmail.com

“Continue to dream.” – Jay Martinez

Conviction Strong Radio (CSR) is about finding your balance across family, fitness and career.

The goal of CSR is to remain open-minded, tell stories and interview subject matter experts.

The focus is on giving you ways to improve your position or outlook on Life so that you may evolve into your most awesome and best self.

Remember, don’t text and drive! (Listen to this podcast and drive instead!)

Listen up, enjoy and give us feedback!

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