CTF Fall League. Week 1

This week’s workout:

“Rise and Grind”

Each Team will complete the following for time:

50 burpees

500 double unders

5000m row

-All reps of the movement must be completed before the team is allowed to move on to the next movement

-Teams may switch partners at any time.

-Burpees will be to a target.

The Twist:

A male must follow a female and a female must follow male.

The Schedule:

Warmup and Intro: 6:30-6:40

Heats 2 and 3 will go at the same time!

Heat 1: 6:40pm

Figure It Out v. Power & Pace v. Boots & Pants

Heat 2: 7pm

OG’s v. Bad News Bear Squats

Heat 3: 7pm

Knuckle Sandwich v Beasts and Broads


1 point each week per participating teammate.

5 points for a win each week.

3 points for second place each week.


Wanna help judge? Contact craig@crossfithiltonhead.com for details. 



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