CTF Programming During The CrossFit Open

by Craig Hysell

The CrossFit Open is upon us and we’re stoked to get rumblin’ and tumblin’ through the next five weeks together! The Intramural Teams are looking sharp and, at the end of the day, we are and always will be One Team.

CrossFit HQ posts the Open Workouts on Thursday night’s at 8pm EST here. CTF has NO idea what they will be.

Our weekly group programming at CTF will not reflect what HQ decides to do with the CF Open. We have a set plan, as always, and will be running our classes according to this plan.

What’s this mean for you? It means if you are really trying to compete hard on Saturday you might want to consider taking Friday’s training session lightly or not at all.

You might want to even consider coming to Open Gym on Friday instead and doing some light stretching or light strategy sessions with your teammates regarding the workout.

It also means you might have to take it easy during Monday’s session to recover from Saturday.

Our hope for you at CTF during The Open is the same as it always is: 1. We want you to be safe, have fun and learn something and 2. We hope you use everything inside the gym to make everything outside the gym better.

We’d like to remind you that from Saturday 2/25 through Saturday 3/25 there will be NO group classes on Saturday’s at CTF. Open Gym will be from 8am to 9am on Saturday and we will conduct The CTF Intramural Open from 9am til the last heat is completed.

We also encourage you to do these workouts only once.


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