CTF Stories: Mike Christensen

Mike Christensen has been with CTF for 4.5 years. He’s learned A TON in that time and taught us all at CTF A TON as well.

He’s a great guy, he loves to help others and training with a purpose has been part of his lifestyle for a very long time. He loves to share and has a lot to teach.

In our New Series: CTF Stories, All Star Army Member, Mike, sits down to talk to you guys about what’s changed, what he would do different if he could go back and begin again and how the lessons he’s learned can help all of you.

So kick back, tune in and get awesomer.

Love ya, Mike. Thanks for all you do!

P.S. Sorry the video cuts out at the end… technology is a tad elusive to us at times. Mike was saying really cool stuff though, so just finish his thoughts in your mind by thinking really cool, positive words.

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