CTF/PRC Group Run – 2.21.15


7am @ CTF or 8am @ Pinckney Island with PRC

SQ: “The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare.” – Juma Ikangaa, 1989 NYC Marathon winner

MOB: Hips. Hamstrings. TSpine.

WU: 15 Back to Wall per leg, 400m Run

Skills and Drills:

Cop drill 2x with run out 50m

Single leg pulls 5 per leg with run out 3x to 100%

Run: 10 Mile TT @ projected HM Race Pace or faster

*Test nutrition and hydration in for Palmetto Bluff!

LII: 8 Mile TT

LI: 10K TT

T: 5K (not for time) Rest/Walk as needed

P: Stamina. C/R Endurance. Pacing.

CD: 2 x 15 Squats – 15 KB Swings – 10 Inch Worms

PWMOB: Full Body Rollout. FEET!!

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