“Do I Look Like A Fat Bastard?”

by Craig Hysell

People come to a gym because they want to change.

They feel, somewhere inside them, hope.

For some people, this desire to change is fleeting.

They can feel overwhelmed or simply lack the grit to proceed once “the challenge of change” sets in.

They can lack the right guidance or refuse to accept that, in the Google age (and every age before it since the dawn of conscious thought), the motivated soul can always find a way to progress.

Something in their life could take more priority.

They might not see or feel success and success breeds motivation, not the other way around.

For others, the desire to change is consistently at the forefront of relevance in their lives. That doesn’t mean their path is “easy” either.

See, we all have our “pet rocks” we like to carry around (yes, me too.). Our “pet rocks” are burdensome items we have either picked up along the way OR things others have handed to us and we feel we need to continue to carry. These are rocks like shame, fear, anger, self-loathing, entitlement and victimization.

It is important to realize these pet rocks in ourselves. It is the only way to rid ourselves of them.

So, what do I do when a client who has been with me for about a year, has lost 30 pounds and become vastly more healthier and stronger asks me upon returning from his run, “Do I look like a fat bastard out there?”

I recognize that we all have our pain and change, without the right value structure, is even harder than it needs to be.

I place my hand gently on his shoulder and look him in the eye as he catches his breath and say evenly and with genuine care, “Your weight is not the problem, it is your mindset. Look at how far you have come, not what you still have to lose. This is the only way to enjoy the journey and respect your effort.”

He nodded and continued working out. Hard.

Later, we focused on getting a nutrition package together to help him the rest of the way.

People must be READY to hear BEFORE they will listen.

Do yourself a favor, put your f***ing rocks down. Rome was not built in a day and neither shall you be. If you’re not enjoying it, you’re doing it wrong.

If you ARE enjoying it, you will keep working and the change you’re after will not only take care of itself, but the goal will become secondary: the work in and of itself will become what matters. This will make you happier, healthier, more courageous and more free.

Enjoy. The. Challenge. Live with Conviction.

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