Endurance 10.18.14

Savannah Rock N Roll is 3 weeks away.

Don’t miss this key workout!

If life gets in the way for Saturday complete run on own or head to HHI Community Run 7am Sunday at PRC.

MOB: Hips. Hamstrings. Ankles. Calves.

WU: 400m Run


Ball of Foot Hops with Fall 3x + 20m run out

Broken tree drill 2x 25m down 25m open

100m Pace pick ups to 100% 3x

Run: 10Mile TT (15Mile TT for Marathoners)

LIII: 8 Mile TT


LI: 2 x 5K TT R 10min betwwn

CD: 3 x 15 of: KB Swings, pushups, pullups, situps. Full Body Rollout focusing on the lower legs.

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