Endurance 10.25.14

SQ: “Something in me wanted to find out how far I could run without stopping.” – Jacki Hanson

MOB: Calves. Ankles. Hamstrings. Hips.

WU: 400m Run


Back to Wall 10-8-6 pullls per leg with run off wall

Forward-Backward Circuit 2x with run out

Stable Arm 2x to 100%

Run: 90min Tempo @ 25-30sec slower per mile from last week’s 10 Mile TT or back of RP (Marathon up to two hours)

LIII: 75min Tempo

LII: 60min Tempo (Half Marathon recommended)

LI: 3-4 x 15min R 5min, keep distance within 200m/split

REC: 3 x 15 of: GHD Situp, Back Extensions, KB Swings 35/18, Bench Press 95/65, Pullups.

PWMOB: Full Body Rollout.

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