Endurance 11.01.14

Good luck to Lindsay running in the Monumental Half Marathon on Saturday!

And we can’t forget Drew running NYC marathon Sunday. Good Luck. Have fun!

Rock N Roll Savannah 7 days out. Get set…

SQ: “This is not about instant gratification. You have to work hard for it, sweat for it, give up sleeping in on Sundaymornings.” – Lauren Fessenden

MOB: Hips. Hamstrings. Calves. Ankles .

WU: 400m


Back to wall drill 2x 10

Front to wall 2x :30 with run off

Stable arm drill 3x to 100%

RUN: 60minutes @ 70% Effort

*Goal is to get comfortable for next Saturday

*Be at least :60 back from projected race pace

LIII: 45minutes

LII: 30minutes

LI: 20minutes

CD: 3 x 15 Pushups – Situps – Pullups – Supermans – Bridges

PWMOB: Lax Ball Heel Cord. Feet. Calves. Hips. Couch Stretch.

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