Fall League Regular Season Results!

Oh my! Week 5 was epic! The word “Thunderdome” will never be heard the same by you again! Here are the results after Week 5:

Week 5: 

Heat 1:
Bad News Bear Crawls. 339 reps. 9 points
Beasts and Broads. 296 reps. 6 points
Figure It Out. 284 reps. 6 points

Heat 2:
OG’s. 381 reps. 9 points
Boots and Pants. 333 reps. 7 points.

Heat 3:
Power and Pace: 400. 7 points
Knuckle Sammich. 326 reps. 7 points

Fall League Regular Season Results:

1. OG’s. 43 pts. (in a tie break from Week 1’s scores!)
2. Power and Pace. 43 pts
3. Bad News Bear Crawls. 38 pts.
4. Boots and Pants. 37 pts.
5. Knuckle Sammich. 36 pts
6. Figure It Out. 34 pts.
7. Beasts and Broads. 33 pts.

2014 Fall League Playoff Seeds: 6:30pm Thursday, 10/23/14.
The top 4 teams will go at it to see who can get in the finals.

Match 1: OG’s v. Boots and Pants.
Match 2: Power and Pace v. Bad News Bear Crawls

Both matches will commence at the same time.
Finals to follow 10 minutes after the playoffs.
Look for the Playoff workout to be released next Tuesday night at 8pm!

Once again, thank you all so much for participating in this inaugural League. You’re actions, your attitude, your commitment, your effort and your laughter are all very, very inspiring.

I truly hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.

Next week we get the final answer to the big question: Who will rise this fall? I can’t wait to see you all there. – Coach



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