Fall League Results After Week 3

It has been amazing watching you guys compete against each other, support each other and have fun with each other over the past three weeks! Like amazing amazing! I hope you all are having as much fun as I am!


  • Bye week next week due to the SC Pride Masters Event at CTF (we could use your help judging!)
  • On October 9 we pick up right where we left at 6:30pm. After party to follow at Carolina Crab Company in Palmetto Bay Marina. Woot Woot.

A question that seems to be repeatedly asked of me lately is: if your needs a subsititution, can you use somebody outside of CTF has a resource?

Let me address it quickly. (Captains, make sure your teams are aware!) My hope in creating this has always been that you have so much fun being a team, and that we laid this out so far ahead of time, that you will not need to find subs.

But, to keep the stress of the Team low and in the name of a good time, if somebody for some reason cannot show up, yes, you can look outside CTF for resources. CF 843 has obviously expressed interest and I encourage anybody to look to them if you cannot find somebody at CTF to party with.

Good luck the rest of the way, One Team. It’s a tight race and anything can happen in the playoffs! I’m very proud of you all so far. Very, very proud. Thank you.  – Coach

Week 1: “Rise and Grind”

Heat 1:
Power & Pace: 26:36. Total: 9 points
Boots & Pants: 29:12. Total: 7 points
Figure It Out: 30:16. Total: 7 points

Heat 2:
OG’s: 25:27. Total: 9 points
Bad News Bear Crawls: 27:09. Total: 7 points

Heat 3:
Knuckle Sandwich: 27:44. Total: 7 points
Beasts and Broads: 31:31. Total: 6 points

Week 2: “The Total”
Heat 1:
Knuckle Sandwich. 1815#. 8 pts.
OG’s. 1600#. 7 pts.
Beasts and Broads. 1382.5#. 7 pts

Heat 2:
Boots and Pants. 1700#. 9 pts.
Figure It Out. 1465#. 7 pts.

Heat 3:
Power and Pace. 1645#. 9 pts.
Bad News Bear Crawls. 1520#. 7 pts.

Week 3: “The Reaper”:
Heat 1:

Power and Pace. 8:55. 9 points
Bad News Bear Crawls. 10:36. 6 points
Figure It Out. 10:52. 7 points

Heat 2:
OG’s. 8:26. 9 points
Beasts and Broads. 9:17. 7 points.

Heat 3:
Boots and Pants. 9:11. 8 points
Knuckle Sammich. 9:19. 7 points


Fall League Standings After 3 Weeks:

Power and Pace. 27 pts
OG’s. 25 pts.
Boots and Pants. 24 pts.
Knuckle Sammich. 22 pts
Figure It Out. 21 pts.
Bad News Bear Crawls. 20 pts.
Beasts and Broads. 20 pts.


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