Fall League Results After Week 4!

WOOOOOOO! That got intense! Some awesome feats of strength, some new PRs, some incredible support from the entire group of One Team and an absolutely outstanding throwdown at Carolina Crab Company with friends after an outstanding throwdown inside CTF!

How good was that food at CCC? That was all Brendan and the Carolina Crab crew so please be sure to thank them!

Let me reiterate one thing to all of you as we enter Week 5:

I have never cared how you have placed in a competition. Ever. If you do well, we celebrate it of course because we love you and think the world needs to know how well you did. But more importantly than all of that, if you do something that scares the bejeezus out of you, or is way outside your comfort zone and try your very best, then you just got better as a person and in life no matter what a scoresheet says. This is what matters most! Never forget that. Continue to honor yourself, Life and this community with your solid and brave effort. We have cold beer and warm hugs waiting for you. I am proud of all of you, all the frickin’ time. – Coach

Week 4: 
Heat 1:
OG’s. 7:09. 9 points
Boots and Pants. 8:53. 6 points
Knuckle Sammich. 10:18. 7 points

Heat 2:
Power & Pace. 8:31. 9 points
Beasts and Broads. Conceceded. 7 points. Karla Williams PR’d her clean at 135#!

Heat 3:
Bad News Bear Crawls: 10:18. 9 points
Figure It Out: Conceded. 7 points. Courtenay Casson PR’d her clean at 115#!

Fall League Standings After 4 Weeks:

Power and Pace. 36 pts
OG’s. 34 pts.
Boots and Pants. 30 pts.
Knuckle Sammich. 29 pts
Bad News Bear Crawls. 29 pts.
Figure It Out. 28 pts.
Beasts and Broads. 27 pts.


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