Fall League. Week 3.

This week, The Fall League warriors throwdown on “The Reaper”:

For Time:

100 goblet squats 53#

100 RKB swings 53#

Fran: 21-15-9 reps for time of:

Thrusters 65#



  • Only one person may move at a time.
  • All reps of the movement must be completed before rotating to the next movement.
  • Each team will have one 53# KB and one 15# barbell loaded and clipped with 25# plates.
  • Teams are not allowed to assist their teammates in any way through the course of the workout other than with verbal encouragement.
  • You may switch partners at any time for as many times as needed.
  • Gear MAY NOT be handed off to another teammate, it must be picked up from the floor. You must tag your partner each time you switch.

Full ROM will be discussed in detail at 6:35pm. First Heat goes at 6:40pm! HERE COMES THE BOOM!

The Twist:

There will be one pullup bar between the competing teams. The pullup bar will be the fat bar pullup bar.

We’ll let that sink in for a sec…

Nice. Annnnd, moving on!

Whichever team gets to the pullup bar after the completed rep scheme of thrusters first has priority. Only one person at a time on the pullup bar.

Once connection with the pullup bar has been broken (including slips off the bar or feet touching the floor) a thirty second “Reap It” penalty will ensue.

At this time, the opposing team will have thirty seconds to take over on the pullup bar. (This will happen in a round robin format for the round of three teams.) The same rule and penalty will apply to the opposing team once they begin their pullups.


If Team A comes off the bar with 2 pullups to go. They must wait thirty seconds. In this interval, Team B can get on the pullup bar. Team A may resume their pullups:

a) once Team B breaks connection with the pullup bar or

b) thirty seconds is up and Team B has not begun their pullups.

If Team A is ahead, this is where Team B can move ahead. If Team B cannot capitalize, this is where Team A can solidify their lead.


Heat 1:

Bad News Bear Squats v. Figure It Out v. Power & Pace

Heat 2:

Beasts and Broads v. OG’s

Heat 3:

Knuckle Sandwich v. Boots & Pants


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