FEATS of Strength Throwdown Announced

Oh snap!

Ladies and gentlemen! The lads in Project MANIMAL are growing stronger, more powerful and hungrier for more things to lift, push, carry and throw.

Soooo… let’s have a party and YOU’RE ALL INVITED.

Whether you participated in Project MANIMAL or not, you’re invited to come out and participate, or hang out and have a beer (or both!), on Saturday May, 28 from 9:30am to 12pm at CTF.

There will be only one Open Gym (7am to 8am) and one CTF class (8am to 9am) that Memorial Day Saturday. After that, we get down with the Throwdown.

There will be 6 events at the Feats of Strength Throwdown. You can do as many or as few events as you like. You can do them in any order you wish. There will be a bit of friendly judging. There are no awards: other than pride. 🙂

Again, you are all welcome to participate alongside the MANIMALS and see how stack up or just come out with your breakfast burritos and bloody mary’s to cheer on the people you love.

Event 1: Max Distance Farmer’s Carry in :60 in the parking lot. 360#/220#. Scaled. 220#/140#
Event 2: Max rep Axle Bar Clean and Jerks in :60. 185#/135# Scaled. 135#/95#
Event 3: Max Distance Truck Push in :60 in the Parking Lot
Event 4: 8:00 to find a 1RM Max Hang Squat Clean
Event 5: Max Over The Shoulder Stone Throws in :60 170#/130# Scaled: 130#/95#
Event 6: Max Distance Over The Head Keg Toss. Judged on where the Keg lands coming out of the air, not to where it rolls to. You get 3 attempts in :90.

Come out, hang out, have fun and kick off your weekend with some friends, food and FEATS of Strength!

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