Fit It Forward Begins Monday!

Army, you may recall this blog post two weeks ago.

In it, we discussed all THE NEW happenings lining up around CTF and our upcoming Fit It Forward campaign.

Fit It Forward is about sharing the love, Army.

Each day, on the Daily Workout post, you will be presented with an opportunity to make someone’s day brighter. When you do, share the experience on social media and tag Conviction Training Facility in the location so we can all see it and hashtag #fititforward #ctfarmy #livingthedream.

The goal is to use the power of social media to inspire your circle of friends to get awesomer.

You are leaders now, Army. Our responsibility, I believe, is to help the world be better. Buckle up your “Do More Awesome” chin straps this week and let’s go make the world nicer to live in!

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