Five Techniques for Becoming a Better Athlete

Five Techniques for Becoming a Better Athlete

– Betsy Hood 

1. Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

It’s easy for us to get ahead of ourselves when we are at the gym. We may tell ourselves, if that person can lift X number of pounds then why can’t I? The fact is that anyone can lift any amount of weight when they learn the proper technique and form. This takes time, patience and putting in consistent work.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself can apply to any trianing regiment. If you don’t check yourself and do too much too soon, it is likely you’re putting yourself in danger of injury. Get the technique down and then add the weight. Athlete’s who care about proper form and technique show great character and quickly become role models.

2. Be Coachable

It may be shocking for some of us, but we don’t always have all the answers when it comes to training. Take your coach’s advice. Listen to them. If they give you a corrective critique try listening, applying and testing the results. Being open minded to feedback can lead to many opportunities for growth and achievement of your goal much quicker. It won’t just make you a better athlete in the gym, but also in the game of life.

3. Keep An Eye on Your Goals

Training is not always easy, especially if you have a very specific goal in mind. It takes dedication and focus on that one goal. You have to know WHY you’re giving it your all and all the reasons behind not giving up. Realizing that there is a PURPOSE for what you’re doing helps to make it more enjoyable. Always know your purpose. Are you doing everything in your power to train towards accomplishing your goals? Do you have a specific goal? Do you need to update your goals? Give yourself a timeline and make a plan.

4. Avoid Frustration and Find Patience

Yes, I agree it’s easier said than done. I struggle with this at times even to the point where it can be a daily battle. Think of the frustration you get when you can’t nail a movement you’ve been working on for over a year, Double unders anyone? Maybe it pains you that you’re not up to RX weight yet? Being able to master the skill of quieting your frustrations and finding your patience is a part of the journey. Recoginize it as a strength.

Being frustrated shows that you care. Remind yourself of this and use it to conquer that frustration through calmness and patience. This is something I continue to try and master daily. Remember, you can’t compare yourself to someone else. We all look to others for inspiration, however, you have to remember your life is a 100% unique to you.

We are all different and we all have different stressors in life. You step up to the plate with your own set of tools and challenges. You are you and that’s all you have. You must work with your assets and strengthen your weaknesses.

5. If You Fall Down, Get Back Up and Try Again

Is it easier to quit? Duh!! Yes, of course it is, but where’s the fun in that? Think of times in your life when you thought about giving up. Obviously, the simple thing to do would have been to just walk away, right? But, do you really think we learn about ourselves when we give up? The best things in life are worth fighting for and if something in your life isn’t there maybe you need to re-think your initial goal.

Instant gratification comes all the time, but do you really remember those moments? I bet the achievements in your life you remember the most have a lot to do with the struggle it took to get there. Looking back on that struggle is where the biggest sense of accomplishment lies. When you get back up, over and over again it builds character. It helps you realize just how far you can truly go. Some of the most influential people of our time and past times have had moments where they’ve fallen, but they chose to stand back up and try again. What do you think? Could this have a little to do with what makes them so inspirational?



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