FMS – Introduction

by Jeff Ford

By definition, the Functional Movement Screen captures fundamental movements, motor control within movement patterns, and competence of basic movements uncomplicated by specific skills.

In a nut shell, the screen tells us simply HOW you move and where you’re deficient so we can give you a personalized training plan to fix it and stop guessing.

(Watch Gray Cook (founder of FMS) talk to Mobility Master Kelly Starrett about how to apply this super important screen toward your improved performance.)

We’re excited to bring this screening process to CTF because we believe it’s the initial step to keeping you SAFE and allowing you to have FUN!

Follow us each Monday as I deconstruct the purpose behind each screen and give a brief demonstration on Coach Craig so you can see what you’d be getting into.

I hope you consider getting screened!

If you take the results seriously and work to make the individualized corrections you will receive with your personal screen, you’ll have a much higher percentage of not getting injured and becoming a badder badass.

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