Four Must Reads For Every Endurance Athlete and Coach

Power Speed Endurance, A Skill-Based Approach to Endurance Training

Brian Mackenzie, Glen Cordoza

If you’re familiar with the Triathlon Bible by Joe Friel, this book is quite similar in that it is your one stop shop for learning how to effectively train for endurance events. Taking a non-traditional approach, this book (more a manual) details position checklists and skills associated with running, biking, swimming, strength training and mobility. There are key discussions around the classic endurance paradigm and why training all the energy pathways is another option for developing improvements in the endurance athlete. If you’ve ever wanted to understand the CrossFit Endurance model and geek out on the science behind the method, this is the book for you. Chalk full of sport specific technique drills and tips this book will teach you how to prevent injury, become more efficient and learn mobilizations to increase recovery between sessions. The book wraps up with effective fueling strategies for all event distances as well as sample training blueprints to effectively program your training. With endless variations of workouts and six and twelve week templates you’ll be well on your way to transitioning to a quality over quantity, mechanics and strength training approach to training for your next endurance events.

Athlete: running, biking and swimming drill resources, hundreds of workouts for each sport, and training tips to help you perform your best on race day.

Coach: provides the science behind the CFE approach, effective skills and drills, fueling for events and how to effectively program athlete’s training.

The Running Revolution

Dr. Nicholas Romanov and Kurt Brungardt

Believe it or not, running is a skill and a forefoot strike is better than a heel strike. The creator of the Pose Method of Running, Nicholas Romanov kicks his book off explaining that his discovery of running Pose, the fall angle and pulling action in running are not his opinions, but observations. He didn’t invent a new way of running, but is simple naming and teaching what is a natural process. The book provides crucial knowledge on preventing injury through proper running mechanics and provides skills and lesson progressions to make a safe transition. With outstanding diagrams and instruction on analyzing your own running technique this book will surely teach you how to be more efficient and injury free.

Athlete: Learn the perception associate with running naturally, how to make the transition, warm ups, running drills along with warm ups and training plans.

Coach: How to analyze your athletes on tape, the history and injury associate with shoes and how to help runners make a transition as well as valuable cheat sheet on the rules of good technique, common errors, injury quadrant diagram and anatomy of a stride.

Unbreakable Runner

T.J. Murphy and Brian Mackenzie

Traditionally speaking, most runners training for marathons focus on increasing mileage and following high carbohydrate diets. By telling stories and providing simple science, this is an easy read for anyone who wants to break free of repetitive training and injuries. Foreword by Dean Karnazes, Mackenzie and Murphy discuss the CFE way of training reducing mileage, increasing intensity and how to develop a more durable athlete. They go into depth on the health and sustainability benefits of following this approach as well as providing a break down on functional strength and conditioning movements for every runner. Nutrition and running mechanics is thoroughly discussed and readers are provided with various training plans for the 5K through Ultra-marathon specific to beginner to elite runners.

Athlete: improving health and sustainability in your training, how to transition to a CFE program and endless training plans for whatever goal distance you desire. Quick read!

Coach: insight and examples of the why’s behind CFE, real-world examples of athletes and coaches agreeing with the approach as another option and example training plans for any athlete you may begin to work with.

Ready to Run

Kelly Starrett and T.J. Murphy

Having the knowledge to get in front injuries or athlete’s injuries is paramount to the success of any training program. Starrett and Murphy have released the best self-assessment and injury prevention book specifically for runners. With the goal to teach people how to become durable athletes, they introduce readers to a screening tool based off twelve standards assessing motor patterns, range of motion and lifestyle habits. After learning the standards they’re easily testable and runners are given resources for how to make critical improvements. With a breakdown on all the mobility tools runners need to unlock their potential and additional twenty-eight day mobility overhaul plan, readers will uncover the specifics to treating their personal issues. By taking the time to concentrate on information in this book, runners will be able to prevent overuse injuries, run faster and feel better every time they hit the road.

Athlete: self-assessment, mobility techniques with sample plan and how to treat the big five injuries associated with running.

Coach: A screening tool that can be used with every runner you come across as well as key prescriptions for what’s uncovered in your athletes.

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