Framing Your Approach To Training. Part I

By Craig Hysell


Training is tricky business. Exercise is not. Training has the purpose of maintenance or improvement. Exercise has the purpose of elevating your heart rate.

When training, your mindset is critical to your success and excuses can be very, very sneaky. You need to cultivate a strong mind at all times. This takes knowledge, support, practice and patience.

Our goal at CTF is to give you every opportunity we can to empower you beyond all you can imagine so that you may pursue the serious (but fun!) business of living the life of your dreams. But it starts with a daily practice. CTF will uphold our end of the bargain: We will be open when we say we are going to be open, we will have a peerless training program (and scaling options) ready for you daily, we will constantly strive to offer you exciting opportunities to learn, grow and achieve self-improvement and our highly-qualified Instructors will be available to offer you guidance, direction and advice at every class and beyond them.

What’s your end of the bargain? Show up. Show up regularly. Get involved in all of it that interests you. Stop auditing. Do what scares you. Stop wishing things were different or that you were some better version of yourself at some different time in your life. Stop making excuses about why you cannot attend and attack your self-betterment here with an open-mind and open heart. Start small, do work, be disciplined with your commitment and, most importantly, allow yourself to enjoy what you are building: the best you the world has ever seen.

This first video in this three part series is designed to help you get where you want to go faster. I’ll see you on the training mat. Hugs. Coach Craig

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