Friday. 3.3.17

MOB: Full body
WU: :60 jump rope. 4 pistols. 5 KB swings. 5 Barbell Bent Over Row

S: Barbell Bent Over Row. Warmup to a medium or medium/heavy weight. Then: EMOM for 10:00. :15w/:45r
Focus on “the pull” and “the squeeze” at the top. Shoot for no more than 6 TIGHT AND TECHNICAL reps per round.

C: AMRAP in 10:00 of:
10 Russian KB Swings 70/53
10 Pistols (alternating legs)
20 DU’s

Option 1: Counter Balance Pistols (Hold Plate or KB out front of you)
Option 2: 53/35, pistol sub of choice, :30 DU practice or 60 singles
Option 3: Weights of choice, subs of choice, :30 DU practice or 60 singles or :30 toe taps to a plate

PWMOB: Rollout lats and calves. Stretch calves, hip flexors and triceps.

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