Friday. 4.17.15

MOB: Shoulders. T-spine. Hips. Ankles.

WU: 3:00 of jump rope.

REVIEW: Floor Press. Windshield Wiper.

S: Floor Press. Take 15 minutes to find a 10RM.

C: 3 rounds. 3:00 work/:60 rest.

8 Pushups
12 BB Windshield Wipers 95/65 (alternating sides. Off the floor, not out of a rack.)

LIII: 1 HSPU. 5 Pushups.

LII: Subs of choice and weights of choice at rx’d rep scheme.

LI: 3 rounds. 3:00w/:60 rest of:

5 HSPU at subs of choice. 5 Pushups at sub of choice. 10 v-ups or sub of choice.

PWMOB: Lax ball in C/S/B. U/D dog x3. Rollout triceps.


S: Find a 10RM DB bench press

C: 3 rounds 3:00w/:60 rest

4 HSPU or sub of choice
8 Pushups or sub of choice
12 V-ups or sub of choice

Advanced: Deficit HSPU off of 45#’s. 135/95 on windshield wipers (off the floor, not out of a rack)

Endurance: None

The Mar:

3 rounds. 3:00 of work/2:00 rest
6 sit to stands
12 leg lifts

S: 5×10 DB bench press at weight of choice. 2:30 rest between efforts.

C:  3 rounds. 3:00w/:60 rest
4 box dips (do these off the bench if comfortable)
8 push ups off the bench
12 hanging knee raises


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