Friday. 5.12.17

MOB: Dynamic mobility
WU: 200m run. 5 box jumps. 10 RKB swings.

S: Close Grip Bench Press. 5×8@65%. 2-3:00 rest between efforts. WORK ON THE TECHNIQUE!
C: AMRAP in 12:00 of:
5 Box Jumps* 24/20
10 RKB 70/53
200m run

*Step downs HIGHLY recommended. Step up and step downs are also encouraged.

Option 1: 6 RKB swings at rx’d.
Option 2: Heights of choice and weights of choice

PWMOB: Pigeon Pose. Couch stretch. Rollout calves and fleece Achilles. Stretch hamstrings.

Advanced: 30/24
Endurance: Run a 400m on the even rounds.
Attitude Armor: No change. 80% pace.

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