Friday. 6.19.15

MOB: Full body mobility
WU: 3 KB snatch/arm. 3 KB lunge/leg
R: Squat Clean. KB snatch. KB lunge

S: Squat Clean. Take 20 minutes to find a heavy single.
C: Ascending Ladder in 8:00 of:
1 KB snatch/arm 70/53
1 KB lunge/leg 70/53
2,3,4,5,6…. How far can you get in 8:00?

LIII: 53/35
LII: 44/25.
LI: Weight of choice.

PWMOB: Rollout t-spine, glutes and hamstrings. Stretch shoulders, hamstrings and hip flexors.

S: Take 15 minutes to find a max KB squat clean and 5:00 to find max hold L-sit.
C: Same.

Advanced: Pistols (weighted or unweighted ok)
Endurance: 53/35

The Mar: 5 rounds of:
3 sit to stands + 6 doorway pushups + 3 sit to stands

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