Friday. 8.28.15. For Maureen

We received this message from CF Beaufort this week regarding the passing of Maureen Tefft. I thought you would like to read it. Our thoughts and hearts go out to Maureen and Michael’s family today and all the athletes who got to train with them at CrossFit Bluffton and beyond. -Craig

“Maureen Tefft was an extraordinary woman who was loved and admired by
everyone that came in contact with her. Maureen was married to her husband
Michael Tefft for 41 years. She was a proud mother of Gretchen Nicole
Vance and Christopher Michael Tefft. There was no greater joy in Maureen’s
life then her beautiful grandson Zebulon Michael Vance.

Maureen excelled at everything she set her mind to and enjoyed being
involved in her community. She volunteered with the Literacy Volunteers of
the Lowcountry for many years teaching English and was also a member of the
Photography Club of Beaufort. Maureen’s love of travel and appreciation of
other cultures brought her and her husband on numerous adventures around
the world, including living in Australia for three years with their
children. She was a talented cook and through her work as a CrossFit coach,
she inspired others to improve their health and fitness through nutrition.

Maureen was a loyal and caring friend. She had a smile that would light up
a room when she walked in. Though Maureen knew she was terminally ill, she
always carried herself with the dignity of a true warrior in a battle for
their life. Maureen knew the meaning of living every day to the fullest,
and she did…..

Maureen has touched so many lives and I feel honored to have known such an
incredible soul.”


4 RFT of:

12 Pull-ups

17 Ab-mat Sit-ups

12 One-arm KB Push Press 44#/26# ( L=6 / R=6)

17 Deadlifts Men = Bdwt / Women = 80% of Bdwt

Grandma’s Version for Zeb Vance (RX+)

12 C2B Pull-ups

17 T2B or GHD’s

12 HSPU’s

17 Deadlifts Men=125% Bdwt / Women=Bdwt

Memorial AMRAP

1953 Double Unders = 1 Round

*After the workout is complete, each athlete contributes as many DU’s as
they can. If someone doesn’t have DU’s yet, this would be the perfect time
to be a fighter and get one. Track your double unders on the board throughout the day and let’s send a picture of the board back to CF Beaufort in Maureen’s honor!

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