Get FASTer Than The Speed of Light

Get FAST-er than the speed of light. Learn how to be strong for your sport and efficient enough to become a road-runner wit ability to out run anything!

Participating in an endurance event with structured and planned workouts will:

  • Develop your confidence to go any distance
  • Dramatically improve your recovery and stamina
  • Lead to plenty of new PRs
  • Improve your speed and body composition

You can totally be FAST and develop more endurance in less time. Train the skill, develop strength and you’ll be a road-runner in no time.

CTF will be gearing this program towards the 2nd Bluffton Duathlon in Palmetto Running Company’s newest race series. Rob Fythe and his team sure do know how to put on a first class event!

The second “Get FAST Endurance Series” at CTF meets two times per week for sixty minutes and will also include homework in between sessions. By participating, athletes will be on a fun and structured plan for six weeks including a one-week taper.

Day one of the program will be similar to before yet with new and innovative Get FAST strength and conditioning workouts. The second day will open the doors for analyzing, practicing and refining running mechanics along with high intensity intervals.

For athletes interested at the end of the series, we’ll plan on racing the Bluffton Duathlon putting our 2nd FAST program to the test!

This program is open to members and non-members of CTF. No endurance experience is necessary.

But space is extremely limited!

The Get FAST program begins May 11. Click here to sign up! 

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