Group Run 10.11.14

GOOD LUCK to all the CTF Endurance Elitists tackling the Georgetown, SC Historic Bridge to Bridge Half Marathon Today!

SQ: “Motivation is a skill. It can be learned and practiced.” – Amby Burfoot

MOB: Calves. Ankles. Hips. Hamstrings.

WU: 400m Run

R: Sweat Rate Test*


Back to wall 2x 15 pulls per leg

Stable arm 2x 50m drop 50m run out

Cadence @ 98 2x 50m

Carioca 2x to 100%

Run: 75min Tempo @ :30 < than projected HM or FM pace

LIII: 60min

LII: 45min

LI: 3 x 15min R 5min

PWMOB: Lax ball feet and shins. Roll out hips and hamstrings.

CD: 3 x 15 – Light Bench Press, Pull-ups and Superman


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