It was just a year and a half ago, it seemed like nothing was going right. I was a single dad, going through a divorce, frustrated with my job and although I didn’t realize it at the time, I was depressed. Some of my friends were going to CTF (then CrossFit Hilton Head) and they were having great results. I had no idea what I was in for or what “CrossFit” was but I knew I really needed a change. I made the decision to give this a try.


During my first real class I remember being pretty overwhelmed. I was the biggest guy in the room and lifting the least weight, even less than the small girls. Everyone was very encouraging and supportive but this was a hurdle for me. As a veteran of the program I now realize that no one but me cared how much I could lift or what level of the workout I was doing. It’s a rare thing in today’s world where you can be surrounded by a diverse group of people and everyone truly wants YOU to succeed. This is the culture at CTF. One philosophy at CTF, teaches: if you show up and give it your best, you have succeeded. Back then I was still learning this, now I believe it.

It’s that mind-set that has probably made the most difference for me. I just keep showing up and giving each day my best. This is not the kind of program you just try out a little. It’s a process and there’s a learning curve. I’ve had to make a commitment to the program and a commitment to myself. It is a lifestyle change and I’m happy to say, it is EXACTLY the change I needed.



In just a year and a half, I’m stronger both mentally and physically than I’ve ever been in my life (I’m lifting way more than those girls now) and I’m happier than I can ever remember. The best part is, I know this will last forever because I want it to and I’m the one in control of showing up and giving my best both in CTF and in life. And that’s all it really takes. I’m happy to know I’m teaching something so valuable to my daughter.


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