Honor Series: Honor Our Heroes Foundation

by Ed Sealy


If you ever felt like sharing any of the articles in our “Murph Series,” the Friday articles are my favorite. I’ve been inspired by all of the Medal of Honor recipients I have read about during this process, but being able to share business that are run by veterans who are succeeding in their transition back to civilian life, or charities that help support and aid veterans trying to do the same has been the best part of this journey for me.

And this Friday is no different. Each Saturday during Murph Prep we have waived the drop in fee in lieu of a donation to this charity. This charity is probably the one that is closest to the hearts of CTF and while many of you know of it and have probably donated in the past, I challenge you all to read through their website and to share this post and any page containing information about their events as often as possible.

Today we celebrate Honor our Heroes Foundation!

I could try to come up with elegant words to describe this charity and its founder Jake Walsh (one of our very own CTF Members and former coaches whom most of you probably already know), but what would really be best and the most impactful is for you to take 10 minutes out of your day and read around on their website, www.honorourheroesfoundation.org The part that I will borrow from their site is their mission…

“Their Mission is simple, they strive to provide life assistance to service members, veterans and their families through direct support and referral services and they are committed to alleviating veterans’ stress while honoring their enduring sacrifices.”

The best part is that this impact is local and measurable. With programs that focus on PTSD Support and Treatment as well as being able to make direct impacts with Short Term Financial Assistance, Honor Our Heroes Foundation is able to work with a sniper’s accuracy to make immediate impact on local veterans who are trying to succeed and advance as the reintegrate back into civilian life.

I could not be more proud to be a part of the CTF Army, to know Jake Walsh at Honor Our Heroes Foundation and be able to help spread the word about this incredible organization.

Too many times charities get to big too fast and lose their direction, or are unable to focus their attention long enough to make a significant impact, but right here in our own community we have one willing to stay committed to those very goals!

So today, I don’t push Murph on you (you should already be registered at this point anyway!).

Today, we unite our strength as the CTF Army. We share this article, or post a link to Honor Our Heroes’ website. Let’s get the word out again about the awesomeness in our own back yard!! If we have a couple dollars in our annual charity bucket, we can direct them here. Locally.

Thank you to everyone for past 3 weeks. It has truly been an honor to write these articles and have you all read them. Your feedback has been amazing and humbling.

This Memorial Day is going to be epic!! And it will all be because of you!
See you for MURPH!!!!!!!!!

To learn all you can and spread the word about Honor Our Heroes Foundation, please go to www.honorourheroesfoundation.com

For last minute registration needs for Murph: www.themurphchallenge.com

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