How Should You Read The Schedule

CTF does a lot for you! We are a training facility so there are always a lot of options to help you continue to improve in whatever direction you want to take.

Here’s how to make the best choices available for you:

  1. Know what you’re training for. Feel free to experiment with different classes to see what you are interested in. Once you find an interest, stick to that particular training program for 8-12 weeks and then re-assess your training goals upon finishing. Do not look for any magic combination of programs to make you into a super-human. This never works: physiologically it confuses your body to the point it does not know what you want it to do and it will cease to improve and psychologically it is not sustainable: it is too stressful to keep up with.
  2. Ask yourself, “Do these class times work for me?” There is no point in entering a program that does not work with your schedule. Getting up a little earlier or staying out a little later is a separate issue, as this is a matter of convenience not impossibility. But, still, this may play a role in your approach, which is fine with us as long as it is okay with you.
  3. If you get stuck, ask a red shirt. The CTF Staff is here to help you, use us. We can guide you to finding the best you, that’s part of the service. We have been training people of all interests, abilities and age groups since 2010. We can make sure you set yourself up for success.

Below are the class definitions at CTF: the training facility that educates and empowers you to live the life of your dreams. All classes come with scalable options to meet demand.

(Don’t forget to look for the next specialized group, informative seminar or amazing skill session coming down the pipe at CTF!)

Performance: Our base “functional fitness” class. The classic version of CrossFit. Barbell strength training and highly intense bouts of conditioning lasting 6-12 minutes.

Conditioning: No barbells (most of the time!). Gymnastics, kettlebell and medball strength training with moderately intense conditioning workouts lasting anywhere from 15-45 minutes.

Body Chisel: No barbells (most of the time!). Gymnastics, kettlebell and medball strength training with intense interval, circuit and conditioning workouts lasting anywhere from 15-45 minutes. Perfect for the athlete who feels they need a little longer work at lighter weights. Great for cutting weight and building strength.

Outdoor Body Chisel: We live on an island! Meet outside for a unique workout in Jarvis Creek Park or on the beach in front of Coligny Plaza. These workouts follow our Body Chisel format. Perfect for the athlete who feels they need a little longer work at lighter weights. Great for cutting weight and building strength. Check our daily workout posts on our website for days and location specific details. We meet no matter what so pay attention to the weather forecast, wear the proper attire and bring your own water.

PrimalFit: The higher level of our conditioning classes. Great for adventure racers, martial artists, LEO, first responders and military personnel to get to that next level. Things get pretty hardcore with this crew. Previous CrossFit, Body Chisel, SEALFIT or CTF experience recommended.

Yoga: Built around restoring you for your next training session.

Mobility: Designed to continually help you get your body back into those optimal positions for training, rehabilitation and prehabilitation.

CTF Teens: Teen specific classes for 13-16 year olds.

CTF Kids: Kids specific classes for 8-12 year olds.

Open Gym: You’re on your own, do what you want! Perfect for the athlete following an individualized training program. You must complete your workout by the time the next class begins. You will not be permitted to train on your own during class times.


Keep in mind, Personal Training, Skill Sessions, Remote Coaching, Nutrition and Wellness Options, Specialized Groups, Monthly Seminars and Monthly Skill Sessions are also available to you at CTF. Exhaust every nook and cranny you can in order to create the best version of you possible!


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