In November CTF Is Going Straight OG

As you do everything for everybody else during the upcoming holidays, it can be tough to also stay focused on YOU.

However, when YOU are “right” in mind, body and spirit, you’re HAPPIER.

And when you’re happy, YOU can make everybody else’s life better!

That’s why CTF’s here. We’ve got your back. Like always. We’re badass, we’re fun and you’re one-hundred percent part of that.

A reckoning is in order this November.

The time has come. We need to remember our roots. We need to retrace our steps. We need to be grateful for where we come from.

Beginning Monday, 11/7/16, CTF is going straight OG for 30 days with: Remember November: The Month of CrossFit Mainsite WODS.

For the month of November, CTF will be training straight CrossFit mainsite WODS on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in all CF classes to help YOU stay focused through the holidays. Awww yeahhhh!

And not just any CrossFit mainsite WODs! We are bringing you guys back to when CTF’s Founder, Craig Hysell, was just about a year into CrossFit. These workouts are all from 2009.

(TNT and TNT/CF classes will not be participating and instead continue with their regularly scheduled programming.)

To keep you engaged and focused, you will be testing 3 workouts before Remember November begins AND then re-testing them after the four weeks of training is done to gauge if your month of main site training was effective. CF Group Class Programming will be designed for you all to take these tests on the following days.

Test 1: Wednesday 11/2. Run a 5k. Re-Test on 12/7.
Test 2: Thursday 11/3. 1RM Deadlift. Re-Test on 12/8.
Test 3: Friday 11/4 . “Cindy” or “Mary”. Re-Test on 12/9.

After that, it’s game on. Whatever old school CF Mainsite says, that’s what CTF does. CTF will program our normal scaling options at each class. Rest days will NOT be accounted for in CTF’s weekly programming. If you feel you need to rest, do so. Take your rest days guilt free.

So buckle up, get ready and stay focused on YOU and YOUR TRAINING this holiday season!

Enjoy an epic Remember November ride!

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