Knowledge Bomb Tuesdays: Not Understanding This Can Hurt You

by Craig Hysell

Grab a cup of coffee, some healthy nom noms and ponder this:

Anybody can progress in the first 6 months of training.
Why do you keep progressing over the months and years?

Well, here’s one of the reasons. And it’s a MAJOR reason…

Because at YOUR gym (not everybody does this, understands this, does this intelligently or does this to the degree at which CrossFit Hilton Head does it), we practice wholeheartedly what THIS GUY BELOW has been talking about forever.

(It ain’t sexy yet, but it’s the driving factor in injury prevention, efficient technique and longevity):
P.S. Wait until you hear which NFL Teams he consults. Irony or training?

Have YOU taken our Saturday mobility class yet…?

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