Monday. 5.30.16. Memorial Day

On Monday we honor Memorial Day with Murph.

If you haven’t signed up for The Murph Challenge yet, feel free to do so!

There is one class only on Monday at 9am.

After class we will be headed to the beach in front of Pool Bar Jim’s to honor the remainder of the day with friends and family. Please come down, you’re both: friend AND family.

WU: Full body.
R: Movements

Hero Workout: “Murph”

For time:
1 mile run
100 pullups
200 pushups
300 squats
1 mile run

*You may break up movements however you wish. If you want do this workout as Murph did (he called it “Body Armor” and did it every Wednesday) see the Advanced workout below.

**You may also do this in Teams and pursue what ever level you’d like. All Teammates run. One Teammate moves while the others rest.

***Challenge yourself. Hold yourself to the highest of standards on your repetitions. Cheer each other on when it gets hard. Be there for each other.

LIII: 60 pullups. 120 pushups.
LII: 60 DB or KB rows. 90 pushups. 150 squats.
LI: 800m run/walk. 60 DB or KB rows. 60 pushups at sub of choice. 100 squats. 800m run/walk

PWMOB: Stretch, hug, be grateful.

Advanced: Wear a 20# vest. Do not move on to the next movement until you have completed all reps of previous movement.

Endurance: None.

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