Monday. 5.8.17

MOB: Dynamic mobility.
WU: 200m run. Slow jog out, fast run back. 5 BB Hang Power Cleans.

S: Hang Power Clean. 5×4@60% of your power clean 1RM. Rest 2:00 between sets.
C: 3 rounds: 4:00 of work/2:00 rest.
6 Pull Ups
3 hang cleans* @50% of power clean 1RM
Parking lot sprint. (Out front door and turn right to the first white line at end of parking lot, touch line, sprint back through last lamp post, stop before you run into the pond.)

(*squat cleans or power cleans are fine)

Option 1: 3 pullups
Option 2: 6 pull-ups at sub of choice.
Option 3: subs of choice and weights of choice

PWMOB: Lax ball in C/S/B/Forearms. Stretch hip flexors and hamstrings.

Advanced: C2B pullups
Endurance: None
Attitude Armor: Wear a weight vest 20/14

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