Monday. 8.24.15

MOB: Full body mobility
WU: :30 of hollow rock. 5 strict pull-ups. 400m run.
R: Hollow Rock. Pull-up. Front rack lunge.

S: Front rack barbell lunge. 15:00 to a 10RM (alternating legs).
C: For time and reps:
800m run
:60 of max strict pull-ups
2:00 of hollow rock (accumulated)
:60 of max strict pull-ups
800m run

LII: Subs of choice.
LI: 400m runs. Subs of choice.

PWMOB: Stretch hamstrings. Roll out glutes and lats. Pigeon Pose.

S: KB front rack lunge. 15:00 to a 10RM (alternating legs)
C: Same

Advanced: Strict C2B pullups
Endurance: None

The Mar: 3 rounds of:
Max mountain climbers in :30/rest :60
Max sit to stands in :30/rest :60

S: Strength of choice.
C: Row or run 800m. 2:00 of pull-ups. Row or run 800m.

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