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We ask you all the time in here, “Why are you here? What do you want?”

These can be hard questions to answer. Ask them of yourself anyway and ask them often. You must extract from within yourself (not somebody else, YOU!) what you DESIRE, and you must pursue this with all that you have constantly or you will never be as happy as you could be.

If you do not do this, if you do not practice this, you will never understand yourself and therefore, never be comfortable being who you are. You will never be happy. Life is too short for this. Any pursuit less than this is bullshit: merely excuses holding you back from what you can be. You are not doing yourself justice and you deserve your best effort.

This is a difficult path, even terrifying. You might find that things you desire could be mirages or lies. You might find that you do not like what you find. You might find that you are lost. You might find that when you get to where you wanted to go, you have changed your mind about what is important. You must realize that none of these fears or situations are permanent unless you allow them to be so. The pursuit for your best self never ends if you are doing it appropriately. Contentment, the acceptance of who you are and the never ending application of your purpose, is not the end, it is the beginning. There is always much to learn.

So where should you start? That’s easy, begin with simplicity.

Whether you realize it or not, you practice a Way here at CrossFit Hilton Head: a physical discipline that will teach you about yourself, humanity and Life. Every day you come inside the box you use this Way to step outside your comfort zone just a little bit, for just a little bit. There is cumulative effect here, not just physically but psychologically. You begin to see and feel what you are capable of. This is eye-opening. This is empowering!

Our 30 Minute Skill Sessions with one of your CFHH trainers will allow you to pursue that tangible “thing” that you desire: whether that be a better snatch, a better deadlift, a better handstand pushup, a one-legged squat, a handstand walk, a better rowing technique, kettlebell swing, front squat, pullup, muscle-up, etc. You get the picture. As you begin to accumulate more of your physical desires and conquer your physical challenges, you will begin to not only enjoy your CrossFit classes a little bit more, you will come to understand that what you want in your life is in your power to achieve. As you evolve, this will then begin to extend to the intangible things such as peace, love, happiness, contentment, wisdom, perhaps even enlightenment.

You, your attitude, your work ethic, your perseverance have always been up to you.

How many of you are already making changes and pursuing goals you never thought you would try outside of the box? I can name many! Remember, for us here at CFHH, that is all we have ever wanted for you: to use the Way of CFHH to create a better life for yourself. We want to continue to help you achieve the little things, so that when the big things present themselves, you are ready, you believe it is possible and you know “I CAN”.

Feel free to schedule a 30 minute skill session with one of your amazing CFHH trainers at anytime, even today, for whatever physical goal you want to achieve next. The 30 minute skill sessions come with light mobility work and then a total immersion into the skill you want to get better at. There will be no workout, but homework will be prescribed. What you get far outweighs what it costs. Do this as many times, for as many things, you feel is necessary. See where it takes you. How far are you willing to go?

See ya at the box,
Coach C.

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