I had breakfast at Palmetto Bay Sunrise Cafe the other day. As always, it was delicious. Let me say that again. As always. It was delicious. They were also extremely busy and even though they were extremely busy I was treated with great personal attention, smiled at, made comfortable and consistently checked on by the staff. Let me say that again. Even though they were extremely busy I was: 1. treated with great personal attention 2. treated like an old friend and 3. consistently checked on for satisfaction.

And, as I looked around, this level of service was consistent at every table, not just my own.

If I ever heard anything negative about Palmetto Bay Sunrise Cafe, it is this: they are expensive. Indeed, they are a little bit more expensive, and they have every right to be. I know that when I go to Sunrise Cafe, I am going to consistently receive a full plate of high-quality food served up by top notch professionals. On an island full of 250+ restaurants, the Sunrise Cafe is coming up on a decade of business in a small corner of Palmetto Bay Marina. We call this longevity. We call this success. And not only is this a challenge generally speaking, the Sunrise Cafe has THREE other bar/restaurants to contend with in a space less than a football field in length!!

There is a correlate here with CrossFit in general. We are “expensive” to most of the world. Are we though? At CrossFit Hilton Head’s highest price point, members that attend class five times a week pay $8.25/day for a gym membership, a highly qualified personal trainer, additional sports specific classes, free advice from a coach, free nutritional guidance, free seminars, free workshops, a free newsletter packed with information and support, an unmatched community of supportive friends, preprogrammed workouts that offer some of the safest, most technical, most beneficial, pre-scaled CF workouts in the world, free mobility and stretching sessions, free jump ropes, free athletic tape, free water, free lacrosse balls and stretch bands and foam rollers, free progress tracking, free open gym times (yes, other CF gyms make you pay for open gym times), free showers, free lockers and a friendly hello and goodbye at every class.

CFHH has worked tirelessly to offer its members the very best and not just from an amenities or packaging standpoint, but from a staff and coaching standpoint as well. The value of this should never be taken for granted. A quick tour of other gyms, their price points and what they offer would be eye-opening for any CFHH member. I encourage anybody curious about price to look what a quality CF membership in a metropolitan area costs. CFHH is not expensive. As our continuous and dogged pursuit of being the best raises the value of your gym and your gym’s facility, prices will come up marginally over time. In that way we can continue to not just pay for continuing education, but compensate our staff as professionals. Therefore, you will get professional service. This may cause some to be hesitant. It should not. We are intent on breeding excellence not just in your physical realm, but in your mental, emotional and even spiritual realm. We are intent on raising our community up with our charity work as we all rise together. And never forget, we put out our workouts for free every day.

I am looking forward to an exciting 2013. I am looking forward to giving our members and our staff even more value to be proud of as we continue forward. I am looking forward to increasing the quality of our product that you have already become accustomed to. I am looking forward to my next meal at Sunrise Cafe.
The enthusiasm, the dedication, the passionate hard-work and the joy of our members both inside the gym and out drive us to work tirelessly to be the best. Thank you.

See ya at the box,
Coach C.

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