PRC/CTF Group Run 1.24.15

Meet at Palmetto Running Company Store – Bluffton Location @8am! FREE 30min pre-run warm up and skill clinic prior to run.

SQ: “A short run is better than no run at all.”

MOB: Dynamic mobility with Coach 10min

WU: 400m Run


Isolated Single Leg Pull drill 3x 9-6-3 with run off

Stable Arm Drill 3x 25m Hold 25m drop

Carioca drill 80-90-100% x 50m progressing

*Video Tape on last 50m 

RUN: 6 x 10min R 2min

LII: 5 x 8min R 2min

LI: 4 x 10min R 2min

T: 5 x 5min (not for distance) R 2min

Accumulate max distance remaining consistent across all intervals

Consistent within 100-200 meters on each

*PRC athletes choice. Regular distances okay.

P: Race Pace Development. Stamina. C/R Endurance. Pacing. Descending Pace.

Cool Down: 2 x 15 Air Squats, 10 Inch Worms, 5 Pushups. Roll out feet, calves, and hamstrings. Firelog stretch.

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